What is HPC?

"High-Performance Computing" or HPC, is the application of "supercomputers" to computational problems that are either too large for standard computers or would take too long.

How does Redfalcon HPC charge my project? What is the billing cycle?

Redfalcon HPC will charge you with the price of projects the you chosen. The billing cycle will be charged monthly.

How to start using Redfalcon HPC?

1. Registration and Login.
2. In the project list, click Add Project, select the project you want, and send it for verification.
3. After passing the verification, then enter the payment procedure. After the payment is completed, wait for the project be enabled.
4. After the project is enabled, you will receive an email containing the connection Info, Then you can connect to your project.

How Redfalcon HPC protect the security of my data?

Redfalcon HPC R&D Center designs each user's resource to be independent, with the security system we have developed, we will fully ensure the security of your data and systems.

What can I do if I can't find the solution I want?

If you can't find the solution you want, or you are seeking consulting service or cooperation opportunity, please click "Support services" to contact us.